An illustrator, game designer, and character designer currently living in Canada.

I graduated from Sheridan College's Bachelor of Game Design program, 2018.

I divide my time between Ontario and British Columbia.

I love to draw, play games, and take cat naps!



Unity Engine

2D Animation

2D Skeletal Animation


Trello, and other various team management platforms

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my digital booklet

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my resume

Work Experience


Junior Game Designer & Game Artist
Rubicon Publishing

January 2017 - February 2018

  • Designed, pitched, and produced educational math games for grades K-8

  • Communicated with MathUP team, editors, and lead designer to create games that fit the teaching criteria, while following Ontario school board requirements

  • Collaborated with the editorial and design team to create games to accompany lessons and textbook activities

  • Lead discussions with editors and team when proposing and designing games

  • Playtested games with school kids in targeted grades

  • Created game-ready 2D assets, animations, and illustrations for the games

  • Placed assets into the scene

  • Revised games and art according to feedback, with multiple iterations provided

  • Utilized SourceTree for version control


Freelance Illustrator
Fairchild Radio Group

June 2013 - October 2013 ; February 2016

  • Communicated with the director to create illustrations and comics to advertise their Sunshine Nation 2013 Talent Pageant event

  • Illustrated advertisements for their new radio programs


Freelance Illustrator
Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Center

May 2012 - December 2012


  • Created illustrations and designed posters to advertise their annual community events

  • Participated in hosting of community events


Sheridan College, Bachelor of Game Design
Graduated with Honours

September 2014 - April 2018

  • Character design, concept art, modelling, and storyboarding

  • Creating and maintaining game design documents

  • Prototyping in both physical and digital mediums

  • Managed tasks and teams with programs such as Slack and Trello

  • Utilized version control, such as Perforce and SourceTree

  • Collaborated with individuals of various disciplines and backgrounds



Art Director, Concept Artist, Illustrator

September 2017 - April 2018

  • Visualized and directed the art signature of game

  • Ideated and designed multiple iterations and characters for the game

  • Devlog here

Art Director

February 2015

  • Awarded Children's Choice award in Holland Bloorview Children's Hospital sprint week

  • Visualized and directed the visual language and signature of game

  • Created assets used in-game

  • Communicated with team members to ensure game aesthetics was unified

  • Worked with target audience in mind to create a game that all children of various physical capabilities can enjoy

  • Twitter - Grey Circle

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